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Doula Pleunie

Continuous guidance during your delivery is so much more important than you think…

But you may already know that. Now the question is not whether you already know this, but whether you allow yourself this guidance.

For my own delivery, I did not dare to use this continuous support. Because although I was aware of this possibility, I thought by reading up as well as possible and learning about the process of childbirth I would have enough knowledge to get through the delivery with my partner.

Not knowing that my midwifery practice that night was filled with other women who were in labor and that after 6 hours I was taken to hospital with storm contractions because they had a place there to take care of me. As a result, my delivery went completely different than I had planned in advance. No familiar  faces, no reassuring words, no normal delivery and unfortunately no natural delivery without pain relief. I myself experienced a huge loss of continuous support during my delivery. Someone who could guide me, give me tips and reassure me. That was when I chose to become a doula. A profession that is made for me and for which I feel a lot of passion.

I am absolutely convinced that every woman deserves a doula during her delivery. And that when we women receive continuous physical and mental support during childbirth, this makes so much difference to the natural course of labor. But actually even more important: to give women the support and the confidence they deserve to give birth to their child.


I believe that for every woman her dream of giving birth is possible. And that she and her partner can make this special event her own. Through the right preparation. Knowing what your options and wishes are. And to have 100% confidence in your body and the process of childbirth, you will have the delivery that you have in mind. Something that I wish you with all my heart.


That is where I come in. Because I want to offer every woman the support she deserves and want to teach her to trust her own body and through continuous guidance to give her the strength for the delivery she has in mind.


In addition to my love for childbirth, I also love to provide personal guidance to women and her partner. Every woman is unique and every woman sees her delivery differently. That is why my guidance is always tailor-made and focused on the wishes and expectations of each individual woman. My doula guidance is not vague, but practical and focused on you.

I am the example that even with all the knowledge and preparation for childbirth, the right support can be a great loss. Give yourself the support you deserve and choose your own dream delivery. I am here for you to guide you during your pregnancy and delivery. So that you can have the birth that you have in mind from a feeling of confidence, relaxation and strength.

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